The Works

The Works

Welcome to Kaboom Startups!

Our aim is to help more startups succeed by getting them in front of customers with a strategy for success.

We'll take your business from just an idea to market in 14 days, creating your complete online presence, branding, digital online marketing strategy and mentoring as needed. Leaving you to do what you do best and get on with the core of your startup.

We've run everything from sole traders to limited companies, selling services to products. We have businesses that are succeeding and have had businesses that failed. This has given us a wealth of experience and knowledge to help advise you through the setup process and any potential pitfalls.

We believe a startup package should be about more than just creating your image but helping you with the substance needed to back up the brand. A good start can win a race, with 50% of startups failing in the first year you need to be sure of yours.


Why choose us we hear you ask?

Because we don't just design you a website, logo and chuck you a few business cards. We want you to be walking talking ambassadors for our business, so will do whatever it takes to properly launch your business. You'll be supported every step of the way with business coaching while we tailor the package to your business needs.