Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management Services

Managed Social Media Marketing Services for your business. Get you Social Media professionally managed, saving you time and the cost of hiring a staff member. With results guaranteed or your money back. KaBoom!


Kaboom's Social Media Management services

We Save You Time & Money! Social Media Marketing Services that Get Results, Guaranteed!

The ROI on Social Media when managed properly is far greater than traditional media, could you be doing more with your marketing budget?

We all love Social Media and most of us use it on a daily bases to stay in contact with friends and keep up to date with what's going on in the world. However, using Social Media and turning it into a sales generating marketing tool are two entirely different things, if you have no clear plan of action behind your online presence then you are simply wasting time that could be better spent elsewhere. Many of us don't have the time, knowledge or will to put in the work required to turn Social Media into a viable marketing tool. 

Struggling to get results from your Social Media Marketing??

More than 70% of all Internet users now have at least one Social Media account. So you can't afford not to be online!

It’s easy for Social Media to be forgotten, so we stepped in and devised a complete social sales system to manage and set you up with social media; exposing your business to new clients and drive sales. Social Media marketing is no longer about posting about drinking tea and eating Weetabix for breakfast, but is now part of the driving force to all products and services. People now discover a brand through the means of Facebook, with social platforms increasing your reputation and brand awareness. The best of online marketing campaigns are those that create a world of communities of people that share an interest in your company, converting likes or followers to sales. That’s where Kaboom jumps in, we implement you across social platforms, managing and developing your systems to optimise your online presence.

Hell We've all been there in some fashion, thinking we're doing all we can to make the business grow. These days you need to put more thought into your marketing strategy.

12 years ago I had another business that was one of the Market Leaders in it's niche and purely driven by the marketing mentality of "push". By this I mean all adverts went straight for the sale e.g. We're the best, buy our product! It worked, for a while anyways. Then everyone wanted a piece of the action and potential customers got slammed with everyone saying they were the best and to buy from them. So with us all using the same tack, the market was spread thinly as it was hard to see the difference between them and us. You then throw money at the problem to try to reach a larger audience, which reduces your profit margins and so the attractiveness of the business (boy do I wish i knew what i know now back them). Now don't get me wrong there's still a place for push advertising and i'm still a fan of AdWords and use it to this day, but you have to realise that this is like asking someone to marry you after the first date! Customers are saturated with this tack and so less likely to jump at your claims like they used to. Pull advertising on the other hand is where it's at today and where Social Media is the game changer, you can build trust and form relationships with your potential customers before hand; so when you do sell they will buy and keep buying. Strong sustainable growth and a brand people trust is what all businesses should strive for!

Our Promise...

If we don't believe we can help you then we won't take your business, we're proud to be a small London based Social Media Marketing agency, who only take on clients we know we can take to new levels personalising services to each business to maximum results.

We're so confident in our services that if you don't see results each month we'll give you a refund!

Service Breakdown

We spend 60 hours each month growing & managing your Social Media & Ad Campaigns (Bespoke packages can be put together should you need more time).

Continuous content posting, reporting, client engaging and other elements of social media management will be done throughout each month. All businesses are different but normally the first three months of setup and development run as follows;

Month 1

We research your business as well as competitors and decide on the most suited media platforms, coming up with a detailed plan of how to move forward with your development. We then build, design and link platforms to ensure brand consistency. We research the best keywords to use for SEO and ad marketing campaigns. We setup analytics and report management systems so that we can monitor the results throughout the months.

Month 2

We develop your Social Media marketing funnel to drive fans and followers to a mailing chain of auto-responders designed to turn followers into customers. We design your landing pages and setup Facebook ad campaigns after discussing budgets and aims with you. 

Month 3 

We will find the voice of your business driving discussions and relevant traffic towards the funnel. We split test adverts and landing pages to work out what works best and gains the highest conversion rates.

Moving Forward

This is where the fun really begins, now we have report history (more with each month) to help us drive even more relevant traffic towards the business. Social Media Campaigns can get more creative or seasonal; targeting new goals as we move forward. With the following and engagement of your business, you will get more and more potential customers month after month. 

Get great savings When you pay for 3 months or more!

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Remember we guarantee results! But if you're still unsure give us a call on 02037432490